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Research Grants 


  • Brownfields Area-wide Plan for Philadelphia’s Lower North Delaware Industrial District (PROJECT WEB SITE)

    • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, $174,699, Mahbubur Meenar (PI)

  • Ecological Urbanism through Participatory Design: The Montessori School Master Plan 

    • PA Department of Environmental Protection through Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and The Montessori School, $14,000, Mahbubur Meenar (PI)

  • Equitable Distribution of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Projects in Philadelphia 

    • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, through a subaward from Temple University (Laura Toran - PI, Lynn Mandarano - Co-PI), $28,420, Mahbubur Meenar (PI for Rowan University)

  • NJ Municipal Asset Profiler and Watershed Explorer

    • Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, $62,000, John Hasse (PI), Jen Kitson (Co-PI), Mahbubur Meenar (Co-PI)

  • Using Immersive and Multi-Sensory VR in Participatory Planning

    • Rowan University SEED grant, $10,000, Mahbubur Meenar (PI)

Other Projects 

  • Assessing the Spatial Connection between Urban Agriculture and Equity

  • Comparing Ecosystem Services of Alternative Future Land Use Scenarios in Wissahickon Watershed

  • Post-Industrial Landscape: Visualizing Human Perception and Feelings toward Urban Regeneration Processes

  • Questioning Neoliberal Urban Policy in Megacity Dhaka: A Path Toward Just Sustainability

  • Regulatory Practices of Urban Agriculture in the USA: A Survey of Land Use Policies and Zoning Ordinances

  • Visualizing Emotional Experiences of Cycle-Transit Users in Philadelphia

  • Watershed Pilgrimage and Story Map: The Saga of Genesis Farm

  • Zeroing-in on Future Growth Centers of Megacity Dhaka: Development of a Blue-Green Network

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