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PROJECT PROFILE: Multi-Sensory Virtual Reality in Participatory Planning
Re-visioning Glassboro Arts and Entertainment Districts 
Community Visioning & Listening Meeting - January 30, 2018, Glassboro, NJ  


On January 30, 2018, we organized a community visioning and listening meeting to exchange ideas around the proposed Arts and Entertainment Districts in downtown Glassboro, NJ. Our partner Glassboro Borough hosted and promoted the event. Despite the bad weather, 32 residents, business owners, and other stakeholders attended this interactive meeting and participated in various activities. A detailed report on the dialogues and exchanges will be created and shared in the near future. Dr. Mahbubur Meenar (project director), Megan Bucknum (event planner and main facilitator), Dr. John Hasse, Dr. Jennifer Kitson, and seven students represented Rowan University (Amber Brown-Kelly, Errin Edwards, Joseph Foti, Evan Hirschmann, Bill Kirkpatrick, Kira Rose, and Shane Walsh). We will organize more events or activities throughout the spring semester.   

Photo credit: John Hasse

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