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PROJECT PROFILE: Mapping Emotions of Cycle-Transit Users
Qualitative GIS maps showing emotions or feelings expressed by cycle-transit users

The purpose of this study, being conducted by researchers from Rowan University and West Chester University, is to visualize emotions experienced by cycle-transit users (CTU)s in order to understand the relevance and implications of qualitative data in multi-modal transportation planning. The following four qualitative maps show emotions or feelings reported by CTUs who participated in a prior study in Philadelphia in 2014.

Meenar, M., Flamm, B, & Keenan, K. (2019). Mapping the emotional experience of travel to understand cycle-transit user behavior. Sustainability, 11(17), 4743.

Map 1

The map below highlights one CTU's comments, both positive and negative, along their daily commute.

Map 2

The map below depicts the aggregation of comments from CTUs related to their daily commutes.

Map 2.jpg
Map 3

The map below below depicts the aggregation of emotions reported by CTUs along their journey.

Map 3.jpg
bus bike 2_edited.jpg
Map 4

The online map screenshot below presents a sample location (30th st station, Philadelphia) as emotional space, detailing both emotions and feelings reported by CTUs.

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