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Our approach to research can be characterized in four distinct ways. First, we often adopt mixed methods approaches, exploring opportunities to combine quantitative and qualitative research.

Second, we form partnerships with scholars from various disciplines to address complex real-world problems, offer different perspectives on challenges facing these disciplines, develop comprehensive research questions and methodologies, and bring theoretical and methodological concepts from other disciplines to planning scholarship, pedagogy, and practice.  

Third, we engage in projects that serve people and communities and may eventually inform the public policy-making process.  

Fourth, we emphasize participatory learning in and out of the classroom and frequently integrate our research and teaching efforts. This integration often takes the form of community events that directly connect courses with our research projects and directly engage students, community residents, and community-based organizations.
Concrete Wall
Research Methods
Quantitative methods
GIS-based spatial analysis
Network analysis
Statistical tests

Qualitative methods
3D modeling and visualization
Focus groups
Intercept interviews
Sample articles with diverse methodological approaches

Meenar, M., Afzalan, N., & Hajrasouliha, A. (2022). Analyzing Lynch's city imageability in the digital age.
Journal of Planning Education and Research, 42(6), 611-623.
Meenar, M., Heckert, M., & Adlakha, D. (2022). “Green enough ain’t good enough:” Public perceptions and emotions related to green infrastructure in environmental justice communities.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.,19(3), 1448.
Meenar, M. & Afzalan, N. (2022). Urban planners’ roles, perceptions, needs, and concerns in smart city planning: A survey of U.S. planners. International Planning Studies, 28(1), 21-26.
Meenar, M. & Mandarano, L. (2021). Using photovoice and emotional maps to understand transitional urban neighborhoods. Cities, 118 (Nov), 103353.
Meenar, M. & Kitson, J. (2020). Using multi-sensory and multi-dimensional immersive virtual reality in participatory planning. Urban Science , 4(3), 34.
Meenar, M. (2017). Using participatory and mixed-methods approaches in GIS to develop a Place-Based Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Index. Environment & Planning A, 49(5), 1181–1205.
Mandarano, L. & Meenar, M. (2017). Equitable distribution of green stormwater infrastructure: a capacity-based framework for implementation in disadvantaged communities. Local Environment, 22(11), 1338-57. 
Participatory Research Methods
Design charrettes
Participatory GIS
Mental mapping
Community Engagement + Education Tools
Public meetings
Meet and greet events
Digital media
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