Mahbubur R. Meenar, Ph.D., GISP
Dr. Meenar is an Assistant Professor of Planning in the Department of Geography, Planning, and Sustainability at Rowan University. He examines the connection between human and spatial dimensions (e.g., natural and built environments) in developing plans for sustainable and resilient communities, focusing on the nexus of land, water, and food. His research interests also include the use of geo-spatial and other technologies in participatory spatial planning. His work has been published in leading journals, including Journal of American Planning AssociationEnvironmental and Planning A, Journal of Planning Literature, Landscape and Urban Planning, Local Environment,, and Environmental Management. Dr. Meenar currently teaches Environmental and Sustainability Planning, GIS, Geovisualization, and Community Planning & Site Design.

Research interests: built environment, green infrastructure, food environment, environmental health, urban regeneration & sustainable development, participatory planning, digital civic engagement, smart cities, geo-spatial planning, social equity 

Affiliated Faculty
Sarah Bauer_Headshot.jpg

Sarah Bauer, Ph.D.
Asst. Prof., Civil & Environmental Engineering
Research Interests: water-energy nexus, pollution prevention, renewable energy technologies

Jordan Howell, Ph.D., MBA
Asso. Prof., Sustainable Business
Research Interests: waste management, environmental policy & governance, sustainable business

Dara LoBuono.jpeg

Dara LoBuono, Ph.D., RD
Asst. Prof., Health & Exercise Science
Research Interests: nutrition assessment, nutrition for older adults, nutrition for adults with disability, digital health

Megan Bucknum
Senior Lecturer, Geography, Planning, & Sustainability
Research Interests: food systems planning, collaborative planning, oral history


Ted Howell, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Writing Arts
Research Interests: environmental humanities, climate change fiction, community writing, the Anthropocene

Leslie Spencer.JPG

Leslie Spencer, Ph.D.
Professor, Health Promotion & Wellness
Research Interests: motivational Interviewing and health behavior change, student success coaching, fitness for people with IDD

Mireille Bright Gbebry.jpg

Mireille Bright, Ph.D., MPH, RDN
Lecturer, Nutrition
Research Interests: community nutrition, nutrition & minority health, health promotion


Kevin Keenan, Ph.D.
Asso. Prof. and ChairGeography, Planning, & Sustainability
Research Interests: urban policy, hazards, vulnerability, and resilience, urban violence, planning

Zachary Christman, Ph.D.
Asso. Prof., Geography, Planning, & Sustainability
Research Interests: GIS, remote sensing, environmental change, population health

Jennifer Kitson, Ph.D.
Asso. Prof., Art
Research Interests: public art, senses and the city, sustainable urbanism, historic preservation

Melanie Stewart.JPG

Melanie Stewart

Associate Dean, College of Performing Arts;

Professor, Theatre & Dance

Research Interests: creative placemaking, creation and performance of movement driven theatre, medical improvisation

Current Lab Members

Casey Bourke, Major - Community & Environmental Planning, Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Alex Cervantes, Major - GIS, Minor - Community & Environmental Planning

Oludayo Ibikunle, Major - Chemical Engineering

Kenny Marte, Major - Community & Environmental Planning, Minor - GIS, Sustainable Built Environments, Spanish

Jack Meyers, Major - GIS, Minor - Community & Environmental Planning

Sarah Sosa, Major - Biological Science, Minor - GIS, Environmental Science

Christopher Tirri, Graduate Student, Urban & Regional Planning

Past Members / Alumni

Arianna Adan, Major - Journalism

Noah Berkowitz, Major - GIS, Minor - Community & Environmental Planning
Matthew Bettin, Major - Environmental Studies, Minor - Biology, GIS

Taryn Brickner, Major - GIS, Minor - Community & Environmental Planning

Christopher Campbell, Major - GIS, Minor - Community & Environmental Planning, History 

Michelle Contarino, Graduate Student, Psychology

Carlos Cruz-Gallo, Major - Community & Environmental Planning, GIS

Santino D'Agostino, Major - Journalism

Gabrielle Davis, Major - Community & Environmental Planning, Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Marie DiLeonardo, Major - Spanish, Subject Matter Education K-12

Samantha Dimeglio, Major - Environmental Studies, Minor - Community & Environmental Planning, GIS

Lea Donaghy, Major - Psychology

Joseph Foti, Major - Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management

Shantae Henry, Major - Public Health

Robert Kearney, Major - Geography, Minor - Community & Environmental Planning, GIS

Amy Mann, Major - English

Donald Morrison, Major - GIS

Devon Moulton, Major - Community & Environmental Planning, Minors - Environmental Science, Environmental & Sustainability Studies, Geography, Sustainable Built Environments

Devon Nealer, Graduate Student, Urban & Regional Planning

Brianna Pellegrino, Graduate student, Nutrition and Dietatics

Giavanni Rizzo, Major - Community and Environmental Planning, Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Cassandra Rodriguez, Major - Community & Environmental Planning

Kira Rose, Major - Civil & Environmental Engineering

Samain Sabrin, Graduate Student, Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Cassie Shugart, Major - Community & Environmental Planning, Geography

Herivin Simmasalam, Major - GIS, Minor - Geography

Ben Stephens, Major - Geography, Minor - GIS

Jake Vitagliano, Major - Community & Environmental Planning

Kristina Wallace, Major - GIS, Minor - Community & Environmental Planning

Dylan Williams, Major - Community & Environmental Planning, Minor - GIS, Sustainable Built Environments

Hunter Swanson, Major - Community & Environmental Planning, Minor - GIS

Meghan Wren, Major - Community & Environmental Planning

Past & Present  Consultants 


Margaret DelPlato, Economic development planner, public administration specialist | Robert Gladfelter, Landscape designer | Jason Hachadorian, Urban planner | Kyle Hearing, Urban planner | Jenna Otto, Landscape designer | Cassie Shugart, Urban planner | August Tarrier, Editor | Shane Walsh, Physical geographer | Cerulean, LLC | Econsult Solutions Inc.

Past & Present  Collaborators 


Deepti Adlakha, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University) | Nader Afzalan, Ph.D. (University of Redlands) | Saleh Ahmed, Ph.D. (Boise State University) | Sanjana Ahmed (Delft University of Technology) | Ashraful Alam, Ph.D. (University of Otago, New Zealand) | Ayman Ali, Ph.D. (Rowan University) | Leonard Bonarek (Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia) | Helen Cole, Ph.D. (Barcelona Laboratory for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability) | Bradley Flamm, Ph.D. (West Chester University of Pennsylvania) | Amir Hajrasouliha, Ph.D. (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo) | John Hasse, Ph.D. (Rowan University) | Sally Harrison (Temple University) | Megan Heckert, Ph.D. (West Chester University of Pennsylvania) | Dara LoBuono, Ph.D. (Rowan University) | Lynn Mandarano, Ph.D. (Temple University) | Alfonso Morales, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin – Madison) | Smitha Mysore (SJB School of Architecture and Planning, Bangalore, India) | Shahinoor Rahman, Ph.D. (New Jersey City University) | John Sorrentino, Ph.D. (Temple University) | Robert Whyte (Robert Whyte Design)

Past & Present  Organizational Partners & Collaborators
Acenda Integrated Health

Bullock Garden Project Inc.
Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority

Camden Fire Works

Camden Urban Agriculture Collaborative
Creative Glassboro
Glassboro Borough
Heart of Camden

Mosaic Family Success Center
New Kensington Community Development Corporation
Parkside Business and Community in Partnership
The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking

Heart of Camden
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