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RESEARCH TRACK 4 — Digital [tools + technologies + societies]
Earth View at Night

About this track

  • How digital technologies (e.g., digital media and communication platforms, data sharing platforms, data collection platforms) are redefining the practice of community, engagement, citizen science, and the planning and advocacy processes;

  • How digital technologies are slowly changing or reshaping cities—their form, function, operation, and administration;

  • How digital technologies and engagement tools (e.g., social media posts, emotional maps, mental maps, photovoice, audio or video storytelling) can assist planners in understanding neighborhood conditions, forms, and features;

  • What smart cities truly mean and how smart cities can be planned and designed; and

  • What we really mean by digital equity, digital ethics, and the digital divide in the 21st century.

This track focuses on digital tools and technologies and their impact on societies. Since 2017, we have been steadily developing the scope of this track, and we anticipate prioritizing research related to this track in the near future. Under this track, we are interested in a number of sub-topics, including:

Relevant projects
Relevant publications
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