Current Sponsored Projects 


  • Glassboro Food & Health Equity Project (2020 - 2022)

    • Sponsor - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/ New Jersey Health Initiatives, Mahbubur Meenar (Lead-PI), Leslie Spencer (Co-PI), Melanie Stewart (Co-PI)​, $50,000

  • Inclusive Healthy Community Grants Program (2021 - 2022)

    • Sponsor - New Jersey Division of Disability Services, Leslie Spencer (Lead-PI), Dara LoBuono (Co-PI), and Mahbubur Meenar (Co-PI), $75,000 for a sub-award through The Family Resource Network (lead applicant, $250,000)

  • MRI: Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for Multidiscipline Research and Education (2020 - 2023)

    • Sponsor - National Science Foundation, Lei Yu (Lead- PI), Kauser Jahan (Co-PI), Tabbetha Dobbins (Co-PI), Harold Connolly (Co-PI), and James Grinias (Co-PI), Suzanne Bausch (Investigator), Gregory Caputo (Investigator), Renee Demarest (Investigator), Jeffrey Hettinger (Investigator), Subash Jonnalagadda (Investigator), Karen Magee-Sauer (Investigator), Mahbubur Meenar (Investigator), Elisha Moore (Investigator), Jane Rynex (Investigator), $144,389

  • New Jersey Underserved Communities Electric Vehicle​ Affordability Program (2020 - 2021)

    • Sponsor - New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Ayman Ali (Lead-PI), Mohammad Jalayer (Co-PI), Kevin Keenan (Co-PI), Jie Li (Co-PI), Mahbubur Meenar (Co-PI)​, $94,588

  • Watershed Storytelling: Connecting People, Place, and Water​ (2019 - 2020)

    • Sponsor - New Jersey Council for the Humanities, Jennifer Kitson (Lead-PI), Megan Bucknum (Co-PI), Mahbubur Meenar (Co-PI)​, $20,000​​

Completed Sponsored Projects  


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Other Ongoing Projects 

  • Glassboro Cultural Mapping Project (collaborators: Creative Glassboro, National Consortium for Creative Placemaking)

  • Evidences of Digital Public Participation from New Zealand Local Councils’ Facebook Pages (collaborators: Ashlaful Alam, Katie Knopp)

  • Understanding Social Aspects of Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Philadelphia and Camden (collaborators: Jordan Howell, Shane Walsh)

Research Areas 


  1. Community food (systems + security + environment)

  2. (Blue + Green) infrastructure

  3. Sustainable (community development + transportation)

  4. Digital (tools + technologies + societies)





Equity + Justice