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Notes from former lab members

For internships, research assistantships, and GeoClinic credits, please contact
Dr. Meenar directly

meenar at

"The experiences I had at the lab helped me apply my learned planning skills to real-world situations. Such experiences assisted with obtaining my current position NJDEP." - Hunter Swanson, 2021

"What was most fun about working in the lab was the scope of research tracks that ranged through many topics, so I was able to learn and understand plentiful amounts of new ideas and information." - Gabby Davis, 2021

"This experience greatly enhanced my research and writing skills, and I would love to work on similar projects in my future career." - Devon Moulton, 2020

"[The] tasks improved my abilities to work efficiently and accurately. [They] enhanced my skills with group management and communicating complicated information. The skills I learned and experiences I had while working in the Lab assisted in my acquisition of a full-time position at NJ DEP." - Giavanni Rizzo, 2019

"Working in the lab made me more versatile with my skills and prepared me to overcome any adversities I may face with future projects in my professional career of GIS." - Chris Campbell, 2019

"Working in the lab allowed me to explore the intersections of planning and social justice." - Marie DiLeonardo, 2018

"My years in the lab supplied me with the appropriate tools I needed to enter into the professional world of planning." - Cassie Shugart, 2018 

"[Dr. Meenar] has been instrumental in guiding me through the treacherous waters of academic scholarship and helping me publish my first academic journal article... I am confident the writing and research skills I've honed in [the] lab will make me a strong candidate as I apply for jobs in the historic preservation realm." - Chris Tirri, 2022


Professional Development - Urban Planning


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