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Telling stories through photos and art: Camden Waterfront South residents create environmental photo collages


Fifteen residents and stakeholders of Camden's Waterfront South neighborhood gathered for a few hours at the Heart of Camden office on June 18, 2019 to (1) discuss around 900 photos they captured before a week as part of Rowan University's PhotoVoice project and (2) create photo collages based on a small set of photos selected by the Rowan team. The photos generally reflect environmental assets and challenges of the neighborhood, as well as potential for environmental improvements. A particular focus area was on green infrastructure and stormwater management within the neighborhood. A number of participants brought found materials and personal items to include in their photo collages. Each collage was a true reflection of its creator, and everyone took the task seriously. These collages will be displayed through a pop-up exhibition sometime in late summer. At the same time, the Rowan team will share draft recommendations for the Green Infrastructure Plan for public review. All original photos and photo collages will be published and shared via an online exhibition around the same time. This project is partially funded by Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority and Rowan University.

Photo credit: Mahbubur Meenar, Cassandra Rodriguez, Meghan Wren

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