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PROJECT PROFILE: Green Infrastructure and Placemaking Plan
Greening Camden Waterfront South 

Camden's Waterfront South is a federal and state historic district located in the southwestern part of the city along the banks of the Delaware River. The neighborhood has seen issues of flooding in part due to increased impervious cover and their combined sewer-stormwater system (CSS). When not maintained properly, this system can become backed up, discharging a combination of stormwater and harmful sewage in events of severe rainfall. Rowan University has partnered with the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) to create a neighborhood-wide green infrastructure plan to reduce the amount of discharge from the CSS and improve the condition of existing parks and green spaces. As community engagement and feedback is critical in the planning process, meetings and interviews with community members and professionals were conducted to obtain information on which areas in the neighborhood were experiencing the worst flooding, initial feedback on proposed GSI projects, and the overall concerns of community members. Two public meetings, two focus groups, and in-depth interviews were conducted to allow for the acquisition of information from stakeholders.   

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Project Team

Rowan University

  • Mahbubur Meenar, PhD, Principal Investigator, Assistant ProfessorGeography, Planning, & Sustainability (project administration; community engagement)

  • Meghan Wren, Assistant Project Manager (event management, community engagement)  

  • Megan Bucknum, LecturerGeography, Planning, & Sustainability (oral history; focus group facilitation) 

  • Ted Howell, PhD, LecturerWriting Arts (photo collage workshop facilitation)

  • Jennifer Kitson, PhD, Assistant ProfessorGeography, Planning, & Sustainability (oral history)

  • Devon Moulton, Giavanni Rizzo, and Cassandra Rodriguez, Student AssistantsGeography, Planning, & Sustainability 


  • Susan Harris, Cerulean LLC


Community Partners

Donna Helmes, Carlos MoralesHeart of Camden 

Cassie MacdonaldCamden Fireworks 

This project is primarily funded by CCMUA, with support from a Rowan University SEED Grant on inclusion and diversity, 2018-2019.

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Project Area

The Waterfront South neighborhood has just over 1,200 residents in less than 500 households is the host of the wastewater treatment plant, the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA), for the entire county of over 500,000 people. It is also home to an assortment of inefficiently located port and warehouse facilities that generate a large number of heavy truck trips through the area. With the addition of heavy manufacturing, licorice and gypsum production and a range of additional light industrial uses, it created a toxic environment for the residents living in the neighborhood and caused health issues. The residents have been experiencing environmental injustice for several decades. 

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Project Tasks

Oral History

Existing Condition Analysis

Needs Assessment

Community Design Workshop 

Focus Groups 1professionals

Focus Group 2residents and stakeholders


GSI Projects & Prioritization Ranking

Draft Plan

Public Feedback

Final Plan 

00:00 / 14:01

Community Engagement Process

Learn about 10 community engagement activities used in this project

Community Design Workshop (Apr, 2019) — see photos

Focus Group 2: photo voice activity — see photos

Focus Group 2: photo collage activity — see photos

Final Presentation (Sep, 2019) — see photos


Pop-up Photo Collage Exhibit

Heart of Camden
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